Handling Car Troubles on the Road

How To Handle Vehicle Troubles on The Road

Car trouble can be terribly frustrating to deal with, to say the least.  Maybe you have a check engine light that keeps turning on ‘for some reason’, or maybe the car just won’t start in the morning. And while these issues can be incredibly annoying, car problems to occur when driving can become outright dangerous.

Luckily, you’re reading this blog! We’re here to help you be prepared with some tips to keep you and your passengers safe if you encounter any major car problems when driving.

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Now, let’s get to what to do should your car break down on you…











Simple Steps to Take if Your Car Breaks Down On the Road

If your car begins having trouble on the road, you must react quickly and safely. Follow these steps to make sure you can pull over and get the help you need!

1. Turn On Your Emergency Lights

Turn on your hazards to alert any other drivers in the area before you even begin to pull over. These lights are typically located on the top of the steering wheel column, or the middle of your dashboard by the AC vents.

Once on, do not turn them off until you can safely get back on the road, or until your vehicle is getting towed.

Hazard Lights are typically located on the top of the steering wheel column, or the middle of your dashboard by the AC vents. 


2. Slow Down and Pull Over

If something is going on with your vehicle, slow down, and pull over to the right shoulder of the road once your hazards have been turned on. If possible, ensure you are in a safe, level location away from moving traffic. Avoid swinging your door open, and pay attention to your mirrors.

3. Turn Your Wheels Away From the Road and Apply the Emergency Brake

Pulling your emergency brake, or parking brake is best practice especially, when on a hill or slope. If you happen to be on a hill or slanted road, be sure your wheels are facing away from the road to prevent your vehicle from rolling into traffic.

4. Stay In Your Vehicle

It is best to stay in your vehicle, especially while on a highway or a crowded road. If it is absolutely necessary to get out of your vehicle, it is recommended you get your car to a safe location with minimal traffic.

Make sure if you are out of your vehicle that you are visible to other drivers on the road. Prop up the hood of your vehicle to alert others your car is broken down.

5. Call For Help

Last, if you haven’t been involved in a crash and no one is hurt, call or use your insurance app to get a tow truck, mechanic, or other roadside assistance to help. Depending on your insurance or if you have AAA, this service may be covered under your membership.

If you’re experiencing an emergency, always call 911 or the local police department first, before any roadside assistance lines. Roadside assistance is not a substitute for an ambulance or the police.

Prevent Future Breakdowns With a Tune-Up From Ice Cold Air

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