It’s Heating Up… Why Isn’t your AC Working?

As summer grows near, the days just keep getting hotter and hotter, especially in Florida. Having a working air conditioner in your car is a MUST HAVE. The worst part of living in hot weather is getting in a hot, musty car and having no way to cool it down! Seriously, fellow South Tampa residents: if your AC isn’t running great now, don’t wait until it is peak summer temperatures to get it fixed.

In today’s post, we will be going over some of the reasons your car’s AC may be having issues, and what you can do about it. Of course, the simple solution is to bring your car to a trusted mechanic that has expertise in air conditioning, like us at Ice Cold Air on Dale Mabry!

This Blows! My Air Conditioner Isn’t Cold.

Is your air conditioner blowing out air, but the air coming out just isn’t cold enough? Luckily, this is usually an easier fix than a completely non-functional AC. There could be a few reasons this is the case:

  • Clogged cabin air filter 
  • Clogged or restricted condenser 
  • Condenser fans are not running 
  • Leaks in the compressor itself 

An air conditioner works by circulating refrigerant liquid throughout a system of coils, cooling the air down that the system takes in, and dispensing cool air out. If there is a leak in the system, the refrigerant (Freon) will run low, turning your air conditioner into an overpriced fan.

The most common problems with air conditioners are a result of leaks in some parts of the system. Our mechanics can quickly identify the underlying cause by utilizing tools to analyze whether the issue is electrical, mechanical, or caused by a leak.

Is Your Refrigerant Running? Better Go Catch it! 

The number one cause of AC failure is a leak caused by the age and wear of the vehicle. Over time, parts degrade on your car causing things to need repairs. With how many moving parts go into a modern vehicle, it’s no wonder these costs can build up.

Prevent surprises with your vehicle by taking it in for proper maintenance. 

Just like seeing a doctor, a general check-up on your vehicle allows you to spot quick fixes that if ignored, could result in a costly full repair.

Here at Ice Cold Air, we believe no one should have to suffer from a broken AC! Whether your AC isn’t keeping you cool, or you’re coming by for a tune-up, swing your vehicle by our shop today for a FREE AC CHECK at 410 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa. Call us at (813) 879-0600 to book an appointment with our South Tampa car repair service.