Understanding Your Car’s Warranty 

It’s hard to match that feeling of getting some new wheels. Whether it’s brand new, or just new to you, getting a new car is exciting! As long as the car is in good condition and isn’t too old, chances are you’ll have some warranty left from the manufacturer. But what exactly does all this warranty lingo mean? 


Factory Warranty 

A factory warranty is offered exclusively by the manufacturer of the vehicle and will expire after a predetermined time or a set amount of miles driven, whichever comes first.

Even if your car is not new, it should still have the manufacturer’s warranty, as long as the car falls into the time/mileage requirements.  

 We recommend looking for certified pre-owned cars to ensure that the warranty is valid. 



The powertrain consists of the engine, transmission, and differentials in a vehicle. Hence the name, the  “powertrain,” covers all the parts that provide the power needed to drive. Most manufacturer warranties cover the powertrain longer than the car itself, with many powertrain warranties being offered at 5 years/60,000 miles. 



While “bumper-to-bumper” may sound like everything is covered, there are still some parts and types of damage that will not be covered under this type of warranty. Don’t get us wrong, bumper-to-bumper warranties are still the best, covering everything from the exhaust to the air conditioner, but it’s important to know what isn’t covered. 

 “Wear and tear” to certain parts of the car aren’t covered, such as tires, windshield wipers, and brake pads/rotors. Even though these do exist between both bumpers, these items should be expected to be replaced periodically with any vehicle. Cosmetic fixes or damage to the body aren’t typically covered either, so don’t rough up your car thinking it can all be fixed for free! 


Bonus Perks and Additional Coverage 

When buying a car, you may have the option for certain added protections. These vehicle service contracts (or VSCs) grant additional coverage, and in some cases can even cover “wear and tear” parts. 

These plans can offer additional perks in some situations as well. If your car breaks down and you are stuck somewhere, you may receive reimbursement for a hotel and food. 


Understanding Coverage is the First Step to Understanding Your Vehicle 

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