5 Signs Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced 

Your vehicle’s battery is a critical component to powering all of your vehicle’s electrical elements. Unfortunately, like any other battery, it is not made to last forever.

Thankfully, the repair pros at Ice Cold Air on Dale Mabry are here with some signs to look out for when your battery needs to be replaced. Don’t get stranded without a working battery ever again!

1. Difficulty Starting the Ignition

Probably the most obvious sign that your car battery is wearing out is if you’re having trouble getting your vehicle to start. The components inside the car battery wear out over time and can cause the battery to take longer to receive a charge from the alternator. The delay could be just a few seconds of waiting for the engine to turn over, but you’ll want to act on it right away.

Your battery could die leaving you stranded shortly after the first sign of a weak start.

A tell-tale sign that your battery has already died is any clicking sounds when you try to start the engine.

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2. Dashboard Lights

Be on the lookout for any dashboard warning lights, such as a check engine light. Although most commonly these refer to mechanical issues, these lights could be a sign of battery troubles as well.

You should always take a check engine light seriously and bring it to a mechanic as soon as possible. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing that the issue causing the light isn’t getting worse.

3. Electronic Issues in the Vehicle

Electrical malfunctions in the car can be another sign of degrading battery performance. Perhaps your window switches are not as responsive as usual, or maybe your headlights are dimmer than you remember. Although it may just seem like a part itself is going out, it may be caused by the battery.

The battery powers anything electronic in the vehicle, so any weird issues with your electronics should be investigated further. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a dead battery on a busy morning!

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4. Odd Smells in the Vehicle

Most people assume the battery is causing their electrical issues, but did you know you can even smell your battery failing? Although it’s not the case every time a battery dies, an unpleasant smell can arise if the battery begins leaking gas. The battery contains sulfuric acid which can leak out if damaged, and can smell similar to rotten eggs.

If your battery is leaking, it should be treated urgently as the acid could erode other parts of your car, leading to a MUCH more expensive repair!

5. Poor Performance in Cold Weather

Our car batteries usually don’t fare well in colder weather. In some cases of extremely cold weather, your battery can even freeze!

Cold weather will cause the battery’s chemical reactions to slow down, while the car is demanding higher power than usual! This can cause the battery to degrade much faster than typical.

If you know you are traveling somewhere cold, get your battery checked first! Newer batteries do much better at handling the elements.

Notice Any of These Signs? Come By Today!

No one likes dealing with a dead battery, and they always seem to show up at the worst time! Now that you are equipped to identify a degrading battery, be sure to make Ice Cold Air South Tampa your first stop when trouble arises.

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