9 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car – January 2022

9 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Of course, everyone wants their car to last as long as possible, but what’s the secret? Ask anyone with a car with extremely high mileage, and their answer will be the same; always keep up with vehicle maintenance!

Most people get overwhelmed by car maintenance, but don’t worry! Here are 9 tips and habits from our team at Ice Cold Air Dale Mabry that are sure to extend the life of your car!

#1. Change Your Oil

Probably the most important maintenance task to do, oil changes are more than just a tip, but a requirement! Oil cools and lubricates the inside of your engine, and it is recommended that your oil is changed every 3,000 miles (or the manufacturer’s recommendation).

In modern cars, opting for a full synthetic oil change can allow you to drive more miles between oil changes; close to 10,000 miles. Neglecting an oil change can cause serious damage to your engine, from metal-eating sludge, lower miles per gallon, and even engine failure!

#2. Replace Filters

Filters stop harmful debris like dirt, dust, and sediments from damaging your car. There are a few filters that need to be changed in your car, including the oil filter which usually gets changed along with your oil. The air filter protects the intake of air into the engine, while the cabin air filter keeps dust and debris out of the air conditioning system. The timeframe before a change is needed can vary, so be sure to listen to your mechanic if they recommend one.

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#3. Stay Up to Date on Fluid Changes

It’s not engine oil that keeps your car running smoothly! Other fluids in your vehicle require changes, just less often than oil. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, and power steering fluid all need to be changed at some point.

If your vehicle is AWD or 4WD there are also differential and transfer case fluids that need to be changed. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date on your fluids by checking every few weeks, and if you are unsure, give a trusted mechanic from our Ice Cold Air location a call!

#4. Clean Your Car   

This may not be a mechanical issue, but keeping your car clean inside and out helps the interior and the paint stay looking new for years! Maintaining a clean car also keeps the resale value high and your passengers happy.

#5. Don’t Put Off Repairs

Choosing to put off repairs can lead to worse damage than if you had just fixed the issue to begin with. That noise you’re trying to tune out may just end up overheating your car or causing a breakdown while you’re driving around town.

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#6. Check Your Tires

Check your tire’s air pressure and condition regularly. Tires are the only connection your car should have with the road, and all that contact leads to a lot of wear and tear. On top of ensuring the safety of your car, maintaining good tires helps improve your fuel efficiency and vehicle performance!

#7. Use the Garage if Possible

If possible, always try to park under cover the cover of a garage or covered parking, which will protect your car from the outside elements. Whether it’s dust, dirt, rain, other drivers, or a woodchip from a lawnmower going through the window, the outdoors can be a scary place for an idle car! Keep your car covered to protect the paint.

#8. Read Your Owner’s Manual

If you open your glove box, how long will it take you to shut it? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you should have enough room in there to find your owner’s manual! Many people keep it under the pile of random collections in the glove box, but don’t forget to take it out and read it!

Most questions about your car can be answered in the manual. If yours is lost, you can easily look up a copy of one online by searching the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

#9. Drive With Care

If you’re reading this far, you care about your car, so drive like it! Fast accelerations and braking put a large strain on the entire car, causing important components to wear out faster.

Most times while people speed around, you’ll notice you catch up at the next light or two anyway, so drive safe for the sake of your car.


Ice Cold Air is Here for You South Tampa!

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