How to Save Money on Gas This Summer

How to Save Money on Gas This Summer

Real talk: right now, gas prices are just way too high. Sure, we all know the basics of saving fuel… Don’t overdo the air conditioner, keep your window up on the highway, etc. But is that it?

If you’re searching the web for the best ways to save money on gas, we’ve got quite the list for you! From simple driving adjustments to simply not driving (though where’s the fun in that?), there are many ways to avoid the pain at the pump this year.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

It is best to plan your route ahead of time, especially when traveling long distances to better avoid traffic and pick your quickest route. However, you should prioritize the route with the least amount of traffic even if it’s a few miles longer.

Idling in traffic can take a heavy toll on your gas mileage. If you’re on a long-distance trip, try to plan out any rest stops ahead of time to ensure you don’t veer too far from the highway.

Prevent Engine Idling

In an average vehicle, idling can use up a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour. As for heavy-duty trucks, they can use up to 0.8 gallons of fuel per hour. This adds up quickly between daily traffic and deliveries.

You can prevent these costs by giving your fleet a few guidelines to follow when on their daily routes.

  • Do not turn your engine on until you are ready to drive right away
  • Turn off the engine when stuck in traffic
  • If warming up the engine is necessary, do not idle longer than a minute or two

Carpool When Possible

Of course, not driving is the best way to save money on gas. If it is possible at all, consider carpooling to work or school. Not only will this save everyone involved a bit on the cost of transportation, but also good for the planet!

Putting fewer miles on your car will help prolong its lifespan and keep you on the road longer!

Compare Gas Prices on Planned Route

There are apps like GasGuru and GasBuddy that are great tools to use when planning your route. You can compare gas prices along the way to your destination and select the cheapest, most convenient option to stop at.

You can even find out the cheapest option available to you locally to better plan your routine fill-ups. Just be sure to be a good app user and report the gas price as well while you’re filling up, that way everyone can see the most up-to-date prices!

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Use Your Grocery Store Perks

Many grocery stores have their own gas stations or partner with a specific chain and will allow you to use your loyalty reward card to save on gas. A favorite wholesaler, Costco, allows its members to save on gas at their fuel stations. Costco’s gas prices tend to be several cents cheaper than leading gas stations nearby.

This also causes the lines to be a little hectic, so try to fill up during less busy times such as early morning or mid-afternoon.

Practice Safer Driving Habits

Believe it or not, safer driving habits are also more eco-and wallet-friendly! Your driving habits can take a huge toll on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Bad driving habits to break:

  • Speeding
  • Frequent braking
  • Quickly accelerating

Proper Maintenance Makes a Big Difference

This shouldn’t be as surprising as it is! Many people don’t realize just how important maintenance on their car truly is. Keeping your vehicle running well keeps the efficiency up, giving you more miles per gallon!

By ensuring your tires are properly inflated and staying on top of regular oil changes, you’ll be getting the best MPG your car can offer you!

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