5 Common Car Issues to Look Out for in Tampa’s Humid Climate

March 14, 2023

Living in Tampa, Florida comes with many perks, such as beautiful beaches, palm trees, and warm weather! However, the humidity, salty air, and extreme temperatures can do quite a number on your vehicle over time.  

As a resident of Tampa, it’s important to be aware of these common car issues so that you can prevent them from happening. Luckily, Ice Cold Air is here to help you prepare, breaking down five car issues to look out for in Tampa’s humid climate. 



Living Near the Ocean

One of the biggest reasons why Florida weather is so bad for your car is that the state is surrounded by water. The ocean’s salty air can cause significant damage to your car’s exterior, including rust and corrosion.   

 The best way to protect your car from saltwater damage is to wash it regularly and wax it every six months. 


Sun Damage

The intense Florida sun can cause your car’s paint to fade, peel, and crack over time. But it’s not just your paint, it can also cause damage to your dashboard, seats, and steering wheel! 

 To prevent sun damage, park your car in a shaded area or use a car cover. Regularly cleaning and conditioning your car’s interior can also help protect it from sun damage, especially if you have leather! 


Heat Damage

Believe it or not, the heat can cause your car’s fluids to evaporate, which leads to the engine overheating, damage, and possibly a dead battery. 

Regular maintenance, such as oil changes, coolant flushes, and battery checks, can help prevent heat damage. Call Ice Cold Air today to schedule your next maintenance! 



While their name makes them sound harmless; these insects can wreak havoc on your car’s paint! The acidic residue left behind by lovebugs will eat away at your car’s paint, leaving unsightly marks.  

 The best way to protect your car is to wash them off as soon as possible. 


Tires Under Pressure

Tampa’s hot climate can cause high pressure in your tires, which can lead to blowouts or flat tires. It can also cause your tires to wear down more quickly, or hydroplane during heavy rain. 

 Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly and keep them properly inflated. Also, consider investing in rain tires or all-weather tires for better traction during wet weather. 



Looking for a Mechanic in Tampa? Look No Further Than Ice Cold Air!

Just like many vehicle issues, preventative maintenance will prevent any serious damage. Now that you’re aware of the hazards Tampa brings to your car, you can protect your vehicle and keep it running smoothly for years to come! 

 Ready for some upkeep but not sure where to go? Ice Cold Air has 16 locations in the Tampa Bay area to help you with everything you’ll need! Give us a call and set up an appointment today. 

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