Toys for Tots 2023 - Helping the Local Community

December 19, 2023

This year, every one of our 16 Ice Cold Air locations across Tampa, FL, got into the spirit of giving with our Toys for Tots drive. And wow, did our community respond! The generosity we saw was off the charts. We've wrapped up the counting, and here’s how we made a difference together.


Bikes: So Much More Than Just Wheels

Seeing the mountain of bikes that came in was a highlight for all of us. Bikes hold a special place in children’s hearts. They’re not just about getting around; they represent freedom, the thrill of exploration, and the joy of learning new skills. It’s more than just a gift – it’s an experience, and we are so proud to have made that possible for so many kiddos.


Community Spirit in Full Swing

The real story here is the incredible community spirit. Tampa showed up in a big way – families, individuals, local businesses all pitching in. It was a powerful reminder of the good we can do when we come together. It's moments like these that make Tampa such an amazing place to be a part of.


A Sincere Thank You to All

We can’t say it enough – thank you to everyone who donated. Your generosity has brought countless smiles and created countless happy holiday memories. We are beyond grateful to be included in a community that’s as generous and caring as ours.


We’re already getting excited for next year’s Toys for Tots drive. We’ve seen what we can achieve, and now we want to go even bigger! Let's pull together again and spread even more holiday cheer next year.


Your Local Ice Cold Air: More Than Just a Mechanic Shop

Remember, at Ice Cold Air we are about more than just fixing cars. We’re about community. Need a hand with your vehicle or just want to chat about the next community event? Drop by any of our locations. We’re always ready to help out and keep the spirit of giving alive in our Tampa neighborhood.

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