How We're Fleet Focused

At Ice Cold Air, we know the grind doesn't stop for fleets. That's why we've geared our services to keep your vehicles running without a hitch! Your fleet is not just a bunch of vehicles; it's the lifeblood of your business, constantly on the move. And for that, you need a mechanic shop that gets it.

With 16 spots across Tampa Bay, we're pretty much everywhere you need us to be, ready to jump in and make sure your wheels keep turning. Choosing us means you're never far from help when your fleet needs it.  

Let's chat about how we can keep your fleet in top shape and your business on the move.

Why Your Fleet Needs the Right Kind of TLC

Maintenance is the most important aspect of a predictable fleet. Here our techs catch the small stuff before it turns into a big headache, saving you time and money down the line.

We know the state of your fleet says a lot about your business. Quick, reliable service is what your customers expect, and vehicle troubles shouldn't get in the way. That's why we're here – to ensure your reputation stays shiny and chrome, just like your fleet.

Why We're the Go-To for Your Fleet

It's simple, really. With Ice Cold Air, you've got:

  • A wide net of 16 locations across Tampa Bay, making it easy to get service wherever you are!
  • Experts at the ready, who know fleet vehicles inside out.
  • Fast, efficient service that keeps your business rolling.

Our setup means your fleet spends less time in the shop and more time doing what they do best. And with the latest in diagnostic and repair tech at our fingertips, we handle it all, from the routine to the unexpected.

Tailoring Our Services to Your Fleet

Every fleet is different, that's why we don't do one-size-fits-all. Whether you're managing a few delivery vans or overseeing a large group of company cars, we work with you to figure out a maintenance schedule that fits just right. This way, we help you avoid surprises and keep your fleet in it for the long haul.

Our team's got a deep understanding of what different types of vehicles need. Trust us to keep your fleet not just running, but running well, with services that match the unique needs of your vehicles.

Your Fleet, Our Priority

Keeping your fleet moving is what keeps your business moving, and at Ice Cold Air, that's what we're all about. With our focused fleet services, a wide coverage area, and a caring team that's always ready to roll up their sleeves, we're here to ensure your fleet keeps powering your business forward.

Sure, we're here when things go south, but we're also around to offer advice, help plan your maintenance, and ensure you're getting the most out of our services. Drop us a line to see how we can help your fleet hit the ground running and keep your operations smooth.

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