Pinellas Park Services Newer Vehicles Requiring 1234YF Refrigerant

March 30, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our Pinellas Park location at 6401 US Hwy 19 N is the latest Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair location now services newer vehicles that utilize HFO-1234yf refrigerants. This product is becoming more popular and can be found in many new vehicles starting as early as 2014 models. As of 2018, 50% of new vehicles from “original equipment manufacturers” (OEMs) are estimated to use HFO-1234yf.

We are the AC Experts in Pinellas Park and we have the equipment to service these vehicles! PLUS, in most cases, we can SAVE YOU hundreds of dollars on recharging your system over the dealership. Call Eric, the shop’s owner, to find out just how much money we can save you! 727-525-1197 .

HFO-1234yf is the first in a new class of refrigerants with a global warming potential rating 335 times less than R-134a and an atmospheric lifetime of about 400 times shorter. HFO-1234yf has a global warming potential of less than 1, compared to 1,430 for R-134a. Carbon dioxide’s global warming potential is exactly 1. This colorless gas is being used as a replacement for R-134a as a refrigerant in newer model automobile air conditioners.

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