How to Prep Your Car for Summer Travel

April 17, 2023

Ready to hit the road for that summer road trip? Can we hold on for just a second and make sure that your car is actually made ready to make the same trip that you are? 

Here, the car care pros at Ice Cold Air share our (pre)summer tune-up checklist to make sure that your car is ready to hit the road. Let’s go!

Finally, summertime is here and we’re ready to spend time soaking up all the sunshine that Tampa Bay has to offer. But when traveling this summer, don’t forget to check off car care too. Especially around here, the heat can really wreak havoc on your vehicle, possibly leaving long-term impacts if you don’t keep up with our blazing summer temperatures.  

Of course, if you hear any squealing, your AC isn’t working, or the check engine light suddenly came on: make sure you swing by the shop near you as soon as possible for some fast, friendly, and affordable repair.  

When was the last time you maintained your car? 

Be honest…  

Now we hope that you’ve kept up with car maintenance throughout the year and not just during summertime. (Clearly, season-to-season maintenance is best for your ride). But, hey if you haven’t – we got you.  

Here’s how to keep your car in tip-top shape for all your summer road trips throughout Florida and beyond!  


Summertime Car Care Checklist

Whether you need to make sure your car’s AC is working order or how your tires are impacted by the hot weather here’s everything you need to check to make sure your vehicle is running efficiently all summer long:  


Clean Your Car

First, wash all that springtime pollen off of your vehicle. In summertime your car needs to look it’s best; you don’t want to show up to the beach with yellow marks all over your ride.  

Remember don’t stop at the exterior. We recommend that you wash the tires and also give the interior a good spring/summer cleaning to. Look good to feel good this summer!  


All About the AC 

Seriously summertime in Tampa Bay bumper-to-bumper traffic is not the time to have your AC go out in your car.  

If you notice that your car’s vehicle is not cooling well, please stop by one of your shops near you to get it checked by one of our professionals here at Ice Cold Air, it may be something simple like replacing the air filter or clearing out a clog will make sure that your AC is running effectively so you don’t have to roll the windows down. (Unless you want to.)  


Add Oil & Fluid to the Car Checklist 

Repeat after us: ‘An oil change is important’. Each season look up and check your sticker. Are you due for an oil change?  

If you’re hitting the road for summer vacation, then you’ll want to triple-check your oil and fluids. We’re talking transmission, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, etc.)  

A few days before you head out, swing by Ice Cold Air to have your fluids checked.  

Best to Check the Brakes Too 

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of the car. And yet – when was the last time you had your brakes checked? If you’re in for an oil change, it’s good to get your brakes checked too.  

Remember the Battery 

In the summertime, your car’s air conditioning is going to likely be blowing at FULL blast. This means that your car battery is working overtime to help keep you cool and comfortable for the ride. Beat the heat. Make sure you check the battery before you hit the road!  

Check your Car Alignment 

Tampa Bay is well known for its beaches and our potholes. Inevitably these bumps in the road are going to find your vehicle. If you hit an extra bump or two while driving, then your car alignment is likely going to need some adjusting.  

How to know if you need help? It’s pretty easy to spot. Basically, if you’re driving straight, and your car pulls one way or the other it’s time to schedule an appointment.  

Under (Tire) Pressure 

Until you’re in a tire light comes on to check for them being underfilled, it’s easy to overlook your tires. Whenever you’re washing your car, check the tire pressure, the treads, and look for any general wear and tear. If you notice any sort of uneven wear, then it’s time to probably rotate them. You can stop by one of our convenient shops for help with that.  

See the Road: Windshield & Wiper Blades 

With all those love bugs likely still on your car *refer to step one* we certainly need to remember our windshield wiper cleaner and blades! These Florida back roads can really take their toll on your visibility. 

Before setting out, make sure that your wiper blades and windshield wiper fluid are good to go. You can run a quick test before you leave your own driveway if they smear instead of clean – change them out.  


Call Ice Cold Air Today! 

Before hitting the road this summer, stop by an Ice Cold Air near you for all your car maintenance needs. We’re conveniently found across Tampa Bay. Our 5-star team will make sure your ride is best prepared for all the miles ahead. We can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming adventure!  

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